Well, Hello There!

I was just kidding, that's really me. I'm a creature of routine, you could even say, I'm predictable. Here's a few factoids about me.

  • e

    8 hrs.
    Daily Sleeptime
  • m

    Cash In Pocket
  • b

    Sept. 20
    My Birthday
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    Fav Snack
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    Shoe Size

You Are A Fantastic Fan

Mock I’m Jimmy Fanz and I thank you for visiting my website and being a fantastic fan. Be sure while you’re here to also check out my calendar so you can see when I’ll be coming to a city near you! While you’re here check out my scenes and join me on my webcam for a personalized experience and we’ll make our own porn together. Got questions, comments or suggests? Say Hi, Email Me

My Favorite Sexual Activities

  1. Anything Wild & Kinky 40%
  2. Being On Bottom 30%
  3. Sucking Cock 20%
  4. Being On Top 10%
My former job was in a Pizzeria in Miami, Florida. In 2012 I splashed into the Gay Adult Video Industry and was signed as an exclusive model with Falcon and Raging Stallion studios. My very first gay porn performance was featured on BaitBuddies.com. I really enjoy writing music, playing the guitar and harmonica. Follow me on TWITTER or Friend and Like me on FACEBOOK

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